Property Sourcing Engine

Software to empower your property sourcing

How does it help source property?

Planning Portals

Search over two-thirds of the UK’s national planning portals by local area. View locations on maps and contact properties or agents at the click of a button to send your letter or SMS text message.

Goldmine Area

Know your patch? Draw-a-search allows you to find all addresses within your drawn area, then send out your direct mail proposition, Instantly.


Import property title deeds or address lists, such as a HMO register and our software will dynamically extract the required address data. As a result, send out your direct mail proposition to the next potential property investment. No more manual labour.

OnTheMarket Tool

Our OTM search & contact tool allows you to search for properties listed on View all properties in a tabular format including all images. Filter for properties that meet your criteria and export if required for analysis. Our unique address extractor finds physical addresses for properties, even when not easily found. Then send your proposal.

Agent Tool

Search through a huge list of UK agents, including their individual sale and rental stats. Make connections with the right agents in the right area.

Send Propositions

Create templated letters and send your propositions. You will need no ink, paper, envelopes, or manual labour. Consequently Send each letter direct to the vendors door for less than the price of a UK stamp and secure your next property investment deal.


Smart reporting of sent items ensures visibility of all your contact methods. Export all sent items to spreadsheets to monitor your leads to increase deal closure.

What people are saying...

We have used PSE software for several months.

The software is easy to use and saves us so much time as we were previously searching council planning portal sites manually.

With it linking with Stannp and other platforms this seamlessly integrates for us to speed up the process of marketing for sellers.

We would have no hesitation in recommending PSE to other people looking to source properties and land.

The aftercare support and instruction are also fantastic.

Dan Madge

Director, Life Property Group

I’ve used Property Sourcing Engine for a month now and so although it’s early days in terms of results, the simplicity of the system means I can focus on running my business.

I can reach further vendors, more often, across several platforms right from a single screen.

Any questions or hiccups that I’ve had have been sorted by their support within minutes, even on a Sunday afternoon!

Ben Chambers

Direcor, BHC Property

As part of Crossover Property, we endeavour to systemise and scale our marketing efforts as much as possible.

Property Sourcing Engine allows us to generate leads with minimal effort, that, if done manually would take hours!

Scanning planning portals and sending thousands of letters in a matter of minutes is a great feeling

James Cross

Director, Crossover Property

We source properties across the South West of England for both local and overseas investors.

This product is superb if like me time is scarce but you are wanting to find BMV properties, from LA planning portals, Gumtree, Landlords list etc. 

Property Source Engine can do this for you in a quick and efficient way. 

It has simply saved me hours and hours of my time paying for itself on just one deal.

Joe Constant

Director, LD Property Developers

Unparalleled functionality

Property Sourcing Engine is a revolution in sourcing property. It helps property investors in the areas they need it most; property and land acquisitions.

You will significantly speed up your ability in contacting motivated sellers and leverage the time saved for other areas of your property investments to enable you to build your property investment portfolio.

This is a dedicated property sourcing software for use by anyone who wants to source more property investment deals.

*Third party account integrations are required. Please see here for more information.

Planning Portals | Property Sourcing

Source property from multiple national planning portals in one interface. Over 2/3 of the UK’s planning portals can be searched in this way.

Utilise the results of the search to send instant proposals to the property or agent and achieve your next property investment with no printer or manual intervention required.

You can view your results in google maps so that you can view the location and associated planning information. This is property sourcing made easy.

Goldmine area | Investment property

Draw-a-search allows visual searching from google maps aerial view then outline your ‘Goldmine’ area and bulk-send your proposal letters, leaflets or postcards to all addresses within the boundaries of your investment property area. The power of speed and numbers will ensure you will secure more property investment deals in less time with less money. Choose which template to use directed towards the vendors you are trying to source from. Source property in areas you know quickly and efficiently.

Import | Source property

How many times have you seen a dilapidated HMO or empty property?. Once you’ve eagerly purchased the deeds you would normally be left with the task of constructing a letter of proposal. Instead, Import title deeds into property sourcing engine and It derives the names, addresses and property details from the deed to send your already templated letters of intent directly to the vendors. Have a pre-assembled address list or HMO register? Import spreadsheets too and our software will extract the addresses ready to send your letters. With our software, long-term property investments have never been so easy to achieve and BMV Property flips have never been so easy to source.

Reporting | Track your leads

Being able to know who and what you’ve sent will become important given the amount of extra proposals you are now able to send. Keeping track of this is made easy by use of the reporting tab, showing sent SMS and direct mail items. You can export this data into spreadsheet format for further analysis.

OnTheMarket Tool | Address Extraction

With our OnTheMarket tool, you can search property adverts and filter based on your criteria.

View advert information, including images and view map location from the structured list of results. Then simply click the extract button to retrieve property addresses and send your direct mail.

Send your propositions | BMV Property

Having the right approach to the owner is crucial when sourcing property investment deals. That’s why multiple templates can be created, so you will always have the right letter for the right approach. The Integrated API functionality provides the ability to send letters directly to the vendors, instantly. Whether probate, empty home, litigation, financial issues or tired landlords you can choose which letters to send to which properties. Property sourcing in this way has never been done before so why not skyrocket your property investment goals.

Agent Tool | Find the right contact

Search through the UK’s estate and letting agencies with ease, view all their contact information and view their locations.

Technical Specifications and System requirements

Operating system

Windows 10 64 Bit compatible

Apple OSX Compatible

Linux Compatible


1 GB RAM Minimum

HDD space

600 MB available hard disk space for installation

This A4 template pack has your direct to vendor needs covered. Simply Download, modify your details and upload to stannp. All measurements for address printable areas have been taken care…

This A5 & A6 template pack has your direct to vendor needs covered. Simply Download, modify your details and upload to stannp to send via direct mail or print as…

Real human handwriting that has been digitised into a font. Perfect for those direct to vendor letters that you wish to give a personal edge.

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