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Version 2.5 – 21/12/2018

  • OSX Agent Fix
  • Extraction Improvements

Version 2.4 – 14/12/2018

  • Removed Gumtree feature
  • Added OnTheMarket tool
  • Added Address extraction feature for OnTheMarket
  • Added Agents feature
  • Fixed some usability issues.

Version 2.3 – NOT RELEASED (BETA)

#Version 2.2 – 09/07/2018

  • Added format choice during mail send
  • Added test feature for mail send
  • Added email send from planning search

Version 2.1 – 24/06/2018

  • Search multiple planning portals at once

Version 2.0 – 10/06/2018

  • Implemented automatic updates
  • Changed to monthly subscription-based software

Version 1.3 – 23/05/2018

  • Sort by date added for planning results
  • View result on a map for planning and gumtree results
  • Map marker icons contain planning/advert information
  • Added more results fields for planning such as applicant/agent including contact details.
  • Added ability to send SMS from planning tab
  • Added choice of property/agent address to send letters from planning results.
  • Added Import tab and changed Import interface to simplify.
  • Added all planning portals to the drop-down menu
  • Added selection randomizer to addresses tab.
  • Previous Addresses that mail has been sent to is now shown in green on the send form
  • Added link from reporting/Direct mail to the PDF sent.
  • Other usability fixes/changes

Version 1.2 – 27/04/2018

  • Links to adverts direct from the Gumtree results tab
  • Links to planning applications direct from the Planning results tab
  • Introduction of street view/location search on Draw-a-Search map
  • Integrated Twilio for SMS send. User can choose between Plivo/Twilio
  • Fixed Gumtree Login/Search issues on OSX version
  • Fixes on the import of some Title deeds not extracting addresses
  • Fixes on some planning portals not finding any applications
  • Other usability fixes/changes

Version 1.1 – 17/04/2018

  • Introduction of Gumtree search & Contact tool
  • Ability to show/hide tabs
  • Reporting of sent items tab
  • Fixes to planning search for single page results
  • Plivo Integration
  • Added Help links for land registry
  • Added export to multiple tabs
  • Ability to show/hide tabs
  • Many tweaks and fixes to improve usability
  • OSX now installed via DMG

Version 1.0 – 04/03/2018

  • First Release


How to set up and get started with the software and tailor it to your needs.

Direct Mail

How to begin sending direct mail from the software for a variety of applications.


How to Import Title Deeds and Address lists to contact Vendors and Landlords

Planning Portals

How to use the planning portal tool to discover off-market Land, change of use and even HMO’s PLUS MORE!

Troubleshooting Forum

Please take a look at our forum to search for answers to common issues you may be facing.


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