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Here are some common questions about PSEngine.


Is my operating system supported?

We work to update our software to be compatible with the latest OS updates. Please, however, check compatibility here first.

Will it work as a mobile app or on iPad or Chromebook?

The short answer is no. The experience on a mobile device when looking at the level of detail and data that PSEngine provides would not sufficece. This is why it has been created as a desktop-only app.

Do you have ALL planning data?

We currently have around 75% of the UK coverage for planning data over the last 6 years and working to achieve 100% coverage. If you require a specific area or further historical data. Please contact us so that we can prioritise.

What contact methods do you support?

For planning applications you can (where data is available):

  • Direct mail application address, agent address (printed or handwritten)
  • Email agent
  • SMS to agent

For properties, you can:

  • Direct mail (printed or handwritten)
How accurate is the data?

We work diligently to provide the latest and most accurate data. Sometimes we make mistakes, we are human after all, and there is a LOT of data to interpret. Please contact us from within the software if you spot something erroneous.

What sort of properties can I find?

We look at the top 3 property portals in the UK as well as data from other sources. Our software is able to identify properties that may be in negative equity, both for sale and rent, identify the full address, time on the market, reductions, and many more search criteria.

We also identify properties of a certain type. So, for example, if you are looking only for properties that are empty, have been reduced, and have been relisted; It is easy with PSEngine.

Do you have search limits?

NO. This is why our software is the most value for money and most feature-rich.

Can I export any data?

On our Enterprise License plan, you can export your saved (favourited) planning application, properties, and plots.

Are letters really printed for me?

YES. You can send robotically handwritten or printed letters directly from within the software at the click of a button.

Can multiple people use PSEngine at once?

We operate on a licensed ‘per seat’ basis. That means a license covers one installation of PSEngine on your device. If you need multiple instances, multiple licenses are required. Please contact us if you would like a volume discount.