Postcard Template Pack | A5 & A6

Source Property Investments Quickly

Using our A5 and A6 postcard template pack is a quick and easy way to source property investments.

Once you have identified a target location or property type, simply download and modify the details on one of our template postcards.

It can then be uploaded to Stannp to send via direct mail or printed as a flyer.

Our postcard template pack includes the following:

  • 10 separate A5 & A6 postcard templates (20 in total) that are ready to send for a wide range of property sourcing applications
  • Postcards are built to the specifications of Stannp so they can be sent straight to property vendors
  • .Doc and.PDF files are provided. We recommend downloading a PDF editor so you can create postcards that meet your precise needs
  • Eye-catching designs ensure your postcards grab the attention of vendors as soon as they hit the doormat
  • Original Adobe InDesign files are included so the design of the postcards can be further modified
  • There’s no need to worry about whether your marketing letters have been opened

Empower your Property and Land Sourcing.

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