Do you like sourcing properties from a particular ‘goldmine area’? Here you can specify EXACTLY the area where you would like to approach vendors to source your next investment, down to street level accuracy.

PSE allows you to draw the region you would like to source from on an aerial map. Click ‘Find Postcodes’ and the software will dynamically find the postcodes for the area.

Next, you can zoom in and see the individual postcodes. Use ‘Ctrl/⌘’ and left click to select each individual map marker/postcode. This helps to narrow down your intended area. Shown in yellow. Contacting everyone in your goldmine area is now just a few clicks away.

Click on Results/Addresses tab and you are shown all of the postcodes you have selected. From here you can ‘Get addresses’ of the postcode areas you have selected. This uses your GetAddresses account to retrieve the addresses. If the postcodes are appearing in red, it means you have likely used up all your account balance. You would need to wait until the following day or up your limit.

Once retrieved, you can select all or individual addresses to send your proposal letter. Each and every field is editable such that if you want to make subtle changes to the column fields, you can.