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PSEngine: Software for Property and Land Development Professionals

PSEngine flips the process of sourcing potential property and land deals on it’s head. It uniquely brings many of the time-consuming tasks surrounding searching and lead generation into one powerful app.

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Search Planning and Property portals for your next investment. PSEngine simplifies the entire process giving you more time to focus ON your business.


Innovative contact methods simplifies the process of sending SMS, Emails and Direct Mail propositions, instantly, right from within the software.


Simplifying the property lead generation process means more deals in less time and with less effort, filling your deal pipeline

Over 230+ local authority planning portals covered

Download all planning documents instantly

Send SMS, Email or Direct Mail to the applicant or agent

View all of the important application data and status easily


Planning Portal Tool

One of the key features of PSEngine property software is the
ability to search the UK’s council planning portals from a single interface. With PSEngine, you have access to more than 230+ council planning portals across the UK.

That allows you to conduct a single search across multiple regions at the same time from one single interface. This functionality is unique to PSEngine and can greatly empower
your property deal search.

You can search for everything from ‘change of use’ to land development applications. Useful information from the planning application will be displayed so you can get a snapshot of the potential opportunity.

You’ll also be able to view the planning application itself and download documents within the application to get a clear view of what the work entails.

If you find properties or land developments that interest you, you can send direct mail to addresses within the planning application or send emails and SMS messages to the mobile number of the architect/agent included in the application, all directly from within the software.


Property Portal Tool

PSEngine property software makes it easy to run complex searches to find properties that meet the specific requirements of investors.

A single search on PSEngine will analyse all the properties listed
on the UK’s leading property portals.

Comprehensive search filters and algorithms are used to identify
the particular property types you or your investors are interested
in. That includes:

• Refurb – Properties that require refurbishment
• Plot – Properties that can be extended or have land
• Knotweed – Properties that are affected by Japanese Knotweed
• Empty – Properties that are currently empty
• Repossession – Properties that have been repossessed
• Cash-Only – Properties that can only be purchased in cash
• Auction – Properties that are being sold at auction
• HMO – Properties that are shared by more than one household
• Probate – Properties of a deceased homeowner
• Auction Unsold – Properties that failed to sell at auction
• Tenanted – Properties with current tenants
• Online Auction – Properties being sold at an online auction
• Full Planning – Land or properties with planning permission
• Investment – Properties that are recommended by estate agents for investment purposes
• Shared – Shared ownership properties
• Retirement – Properties owned by retirees
• New Home – New build properties

Easily Identify:
• For Sale and Rental – Properties listed for sale AND rental
• Multiple Agents – Properties that are listed with 2+ agents
• Potential Negative Equity – Automated check of sold price against listing price for potential
negative equity
• Lease Lengths – Search for properties based on lease length
• Relisted – Properties that are back on the market following a failed offer or sale
• Price Reductions – Any price changes for the listing
• Time on Market – How long the listing has been live for

A powerful integrated deal analyser allows you to instantly stack and export potential deals to present to investors or retain for information.

Automatically Tagged Listings - Refurb, Probate, Empty Etc.

Search one interface across ALL major portals

Automatic FULL address extraction for listings

Easily identify motivated vendors by investment criteria such as time on market, reductions, sale AND rent, relisted & MORE!

POWERFUL deal analyser. Analyse Price and deal stack instantly for BTL, FLIP and HMO deals

Quick and effective to market your property purchase services to the public

Market to large or small areas that leafleting won't cover, in seconds

More formal and less intrusive than leafleting


Integrated Mail Marketing

As well as searching for investment properties and land deals
using a tabular format, you can also use our Mail Marketing
feature. That allows you to extract ALL of the addresses within
your chosen geographically drawn area.

This is particularly useful if you have identified an area where potentially lucrative investments are likely to be within your goldmine areas. You can then send direct mail marketing such as leaflets and postcards to those addresses using the in-built mail sending functionality the software provides.


Import Your Data

PSEngine property software contains a powerful import feature
that allows you to extract addresses from a range of documents.

For example, you can import spreadsheets such as the HMO
register and send targeted marketing messages to those
addresses in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, you can import the PDF title deed for a property
and the software will dynamically extract the address and owner’s
details so you can get in touch via direct mail instantly.

Import and extract names and addresses from title deeds

Import spreadsheet data of addresses such as HMO registers

Simplifies the mail sending process

Land boundaries with integrated plot size filter

See size and plot ID's instantly

View planning applications, properties and land boundaries on one map


Powerful Mapping Tools

The PSEngine map is an important feature that allows users
to interact with our property software in a unique way.  You can
view maps that incorporate multiple layers of data to pinpoint
potential investment sites. There are numerous data types you
can incorporate to refine your search.

These include:
• Land Boundaries – A powerful tool that allows you to measure, save and ultimately find the owner of land and properties

• Plot Filter – Filter Land boundaries by size



Track Your Interests and Sent Items

PSEngine property software incorporates a sophisticated tracking mechanism, meaning it tracks your sent mail so that you never duplicate mail pieces.

All of your direct mail and SMS sent items are available to view and determine delivery status.

You can also save all potential deals to your favourites section, be it planning applications or prorties.


Track your favourite properties and planning applications

Check the status of your sent letters

Tracked sent mail means no accidental duplicates

Integration with stannp and letterbot

Send printed or 'handwritten' direct mail in a click

View planning applications, properties and land boundaries on one map


Direct Mail at the Click of a Button

PSEngine has an integrated mail sending application so you can create and send custom letters, including wildcard/variable fields to your chosen addresses with the click of a button.

Letters can be printed and delivered for less than the cost of a UK stamp, making contacting multiple vendors quick, cheap and easy.

For the human touch, utilise the ability to send real robotically ‘hand written’ letters, using a fountain pen, in a click.

Never write, print, package or manually send a direct to vendor letter again.