Property Sourcing Engine helps in a multitude of ways when it comes to direct to vendor contact methods. You can import Title deeds of properties you are interested in. PSE will dynamically extract the required information to send your proposal letter. On the other side of the coin, you may have an HMO register or spreadsheet of addresses you wish to contact. No problem, PSE deals with it all.

Select your method of import, in this case, .pdf title deeds. These are purchased online from the Land Registry.

You may bulk import many title deeds.

Click ‘Next’ and watch the magic happen.

PSE will extract the names and addresses of the property owners, almost instantly.

Click ‘Finish’ and send your templated letter. Alternatively, import that HMO register or address list you’ve been meaning to contact members of…

Firstly, select the data you wish to extract. This relates to the columns available. i.e. are your addresses split into columns, street name, city, post code etc or is the entire address in one column? select here.

Then select the name of the column in your spreadsheet which contains the relevant data. This enables the software to extract the address fields into the right areas, ready for sending your letters.

Finally, control exactly who will receive your proposal letters. Adjust any text by editing in the fields of the columns, if you wish.

Finish, and send away.