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Sending Direct Mail

To send letters direct to vendors, we have integrated with a partner called Stannp.

If you take a look at the setup page, you will see how to set this up. We have a template pack of letters designed precisely for integration with stannp which you can purchase to get set up straight away. Alternatively, create your own.

With stannp you can create any type of letter template or even postcard you wish.

Create a variety of templated letters ready for all the connotations of your sourcing strategy. Such as empty properties, properties with planning permission, R2R landlords, HMO sourcing.

Follow the link above and you will see the prices of each letter printed, packaged and delivered. This is cheaper than the cost of a single UK stamp alone!



How to set up and get started with the software and tailor it to your needs.


How to Import Title Deeds and Address lists to contact Vendors and Landlords

Direct Mail

How to begin sending direct mail from the software for a variety of applications.

Sending Letters

How we integrate with a prime letter sending company to provide you with many direct mail options.

Planning Portals

How to use the planning portal tool to discover off-market Land, change of use and even HMO’s PLUS MORE!

Knowledge Base

Please take a look at our knowledge base to search for answers to common issues you may be facing.


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